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Luoyang Shenyu Molybdenum Co., Ltd is a professional molybdenum disulfide manufacturer, the main product include molybdenum disulfide powder, molybdenum spray, molybdenum coatings, and lubrication solutions. Shenyu Molybdenum jointly established molybdenum self-lubricating materials R&D center with world-famous research institutes. Shenyu Molybdenum works to make a complete industrial chain including molybdenum mining, molybdenum disulfide production, molybdenum disulfide application, and anti-wear & anti-friction technical solutions.


Relying on the abundant molybdenum resources in Luanchuan, Luoyang Shenyu Molybdenum has reliable quality assurance from raw material mining to final product delivery. In the continuous development of the company, Luoyang Shenyu Molybdenum has also actively participated in Global exhibitions. The National Lubricant and Grease Exhibition in China, NLGI and SAE in the United States, ELGI and Euro Brake in Europe, Aisa Brake and NLGI in Asia. Provided customers with the best service and the best Reliable molybdenum disulfide product solutions


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