• Tungsten Disulfide WS2

Tungsten Disulfide WS2


Product origin Luanchuan, Luoyang

Delivery time 7days

Supply capacity 10 tons per month

Tungsten disulfide is an inorganic compound with a molecular formula of WS2 and a molecular weight of 247.97.
It is a fine crystal or powder with a gray metallic luster, belonging to the hexagonal system, with semiconducting and diamagnetic properties


Tungsten Disulfide WS2

Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) is a solid lubricant. With Coefficient of Friction at 0.03, it offers excellent dry lubricity unmatched to any other substance. It can be used in high temperature and high pressure applications, such as high temperature lubricants, carbon brush. 

Tungsten Disulfide WS2 can also be added to Liquid/Water/Plastic to increase lubricity of mixture, be coated on a substrate by Spraying/Buffing/Tumbling.

CAS No.: 12138-09-9

The distribution area of molybdenum concentrate
According to statistics in 2018, global molybdenum reserves are about 17 million tons, of which nearly 50% are located in China, while the United States, Chile, and Peru together hold 39% of global molybdenum reserves, and the rest are scattered in other countries....more
Molybdenum disulfide factory panoramic view
Molybdenum disulfide factory panoramic view
Shenyu Product Testing Center
Shenyu Product Testing Center
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